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Dr.Pooja Singh

Associate Professor and HOD, Humanities, BBDITM


  • A mothers Eternal Love for her daughter: Mamta in Acedemic Social Research Vol. 4, No.1, ISSN No. 2456-2645 (2018) pp 95 to 97.
  • Sexual Objectification of women in Select Hindi Films in Academic Social Research Vol. 4, No.1, ISSN No. 2456-2645 (2018) pp 91 to 94

Ms. Poonam

Assistant Professor


  • ndustrial Management- “A strategic threat for companies” IJSTSRD Vol-2/ issue -3, ISSN 2456-6470 April 2018 Impact Factor- 5.125
  • “New Paradigm of Training and Development for Employees and Organisation”Asian Journal of Technology and Management Research (AJTMR) Vol 9 Issue-2 ISSN: 2249-0892(Year 2019)

Dr. Neha Pandey

Assistant Professor


  • (2020) “Extra Marital affair: I am Comfortable or Friends with Benefits” Chapter in Book ” Towards New India: Trends and Transitions” An Imprint of Blue Black Publications, New Delhi ISBN: 978-93-86709-48-6 (Accepted and Publication in Process)
  • (2018) “Marriage Values: Unifying the Bond” in “International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research” PP. 796- 800, ISSN- 2229-5518, Vol 9, Issue 8, August 2018.

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