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S.No.Name of Event 2020-21Link
1Virtual Leadership Training WeekDownload
2Impact on Industries:Post COVIDDownload
3Successful start-up founders (Entrepreneur incampus)Download
4Webinar on Cyber SecurityDownload
5Quiz competition on Covid-19 Environmental ImpactDownload
6Entrepreneurship & GrowthDownload
7Opportunity in New WorldDownload
8IIC-Mentorship Session for Students on Innovation and EntrepreneurshipDownload
9IEEE-Basic of Research,Paper writing and Project Proposal SubmissionDownload
10IEEE-Load Forecasting and Power Management of Discom through  technologyDownload
11IEEE-Women as a LeaderDownload
12IIC-National Innovation and Startup PolicyDownload
13CSI-National Webinar  on INDIA AND DIGITAL TransformationDownload
14Digital Awareness  Program and Women Empowerment in Lonapur VillageDownload
15CSI-International Webinar on IT SecurityDownload
16IEEE Virtual BootCamp/Induction ProgramDownload

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