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Department Activities

Webinar on the topic “Industrial Automation” on 6th June 2020 in association with “Teknavigator Pvt. Ltd”. It covered Introduction, History , Role of MATLAB, Basics, SIMULINK , Signal Processing Toolbox, Image Processing Toolbox.

Webinar on the topic “An Introduction to Lyapunov Stability for Discrete Systems” on 30 June 2020.The application of Lyapunov theorem is given and different theorems for stability in sense of Lyapunov are introduced.

Webinar on the topic “OPENCV WITH PYTHON PROGRAMMING” on 1st July 2020. Topics covered in webinar were: Introduction to OPENCV, Window and Linux installations,

Webinar on the topic “Solar Energy-Opportunities and Challenges” on 2nd July 2020. Topics covered in webinar were: Why renewable energy, India’s contribution to international solar alliance, models of installation of solar power plant, steps of installation, advantages and disadvantages of solar power plant.

A debate on the topic “New Education Policy 2020” on 15th September 2020 on the occasion of Engineer’s Day

An expert lecture on the topic “My Story- Motivational Session by Successful Enterpreneur/ Startup Founder” is organized on 18th December 2020

A Panel discussion on Atmanirbharbharat-Vocal for Local, Make in India for the world is organized in department on 28th December 2020.

A Workshop on Enterpreneurship Development Phases is organized in department on 19th January 2021.

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