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Faculty Achievements

  • Himanshu Kumar Shukla, Assistant Professor CSE filed a Patent titled ‘Machine Learning based Method for Optimization of Mobile Health Services and Medical Resources in Rural and Remote Areas’.
  • Shadab Siddiqui, Assistant Professor
    CSE got Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing by Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science.
  • All faculty members have registered on the digital platform NPTEL to teach and train the students.

Student Achievements


  • Neelesh Chandra Vaish, Prerna Sharma (CSE 3rd Year) closely analysed the problem of Air Pollution in the era and developed
    a working model using the concepts of Internet of Things.
  • CSE Final Year students developed a SMART DUSTBIN based on the technologies Robotics and Internet of Things.
  • Khusboo Yadav, Pooja Kumari, Payal Singh (CSE Final Year) students developed a project SMART CITY.
  • Nayan Srivastava and Pragya, students of B.Tech CSE worked on problem statement (Mobile Game for Alzheimer’s Disease Detection) provided by Yamaha Motor Solution India Pvt Ltd. in Smart India Hackathon-2020 and secured 5th position among Top 50 teams.
  • Students of CSE 2nd year participated in Smart India Hackathon, designed a website on topic “COURT CASE MANAGEMENT
    SOFTWARE” and secured position among Top five Teams out of hundred participating teams..
  • Shivam Prajapati (CSE 3rd Year) secured Rank 1 in presenting Innovative Solution over the Pre-Chosen theme “Beat
    Air Pollution using Artificial Intelligence” at Utkarsh 2020..
  • Jamsher Shekh (CSE 2nd year) student secured 1st position in Online Technical Hackathon held on 24th August, 2020.

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