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  • Meetu Pandey

    Meetu Pandey

    Associate Professor

    Qualifications: MBA, PhD

    Date of Joining: 8/20/2008

    Area of specialization: Marketing,
    General Management

    Email: meetupandey3@bbdnitm.ac.in

  • Devendra Kumar Shukla

    Devendra Kumar Shukla

    Assistant Professor

    Qualifications: MBA

    Date of Joining: 8/2/2019

    Area of specialization: International Business, FOREX Management, General Management

    Email: prof.dkshukla@bbdnitm.ac.in

  • Preeti Mishra

    Preeti Mishra

    Associate Professor

    Qualifications: M.A. (Economics) , Ph.D.Economics UGC-NET (Economics)

    Date of Joining: 9/1/2011

    Area of specialization: Econometrics , Economics , Banking and Finance

    Email: preetimishra7sep@bbdnitm.ac.in

  • Shivangee Tiwari

    Shivangee Tiwari

    Assistant Professor

    Qualifications: M.Com(Pure Commerce), MBA, Ph.D. (Finance), B.Ed

    Date of Joining: 8/5/2019

    Area of specialization: Finance, Taxation, Business Research Methodology, Banking, Human Resource and General Management

    Email: shivangeetiwari@bbdnitm.ac.in

  • Nadeem Ahmad Khan

    Nadeem Ahmad Khan

    Assistant Professor

    Qualifications: MBA, PhD*, UGC-NET(Management)

    Date of Joining: 8/5/2019

    Area of specialization: Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour, General Management

    Email: nadeem.ahmadkhan@bbdnitm.ac.in

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