Information Technology

Department of Information Technology

“Information Technology: The branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to retrieve and store and transmit information.”

The department was established in the year 1999 with an initial intake of 60 students. The intake was increased to 90 in the year 2000 & thereafter 120 in the year 2002. The department has qualified and experienced faculty and technically competent supporting staff on its rolls. The department conducts bridge courses for the students during the regular working hours of the institution to keep the students abreast with technological developments. The department has an established capability to advice and carries out research projects in the areas of Software Engineering, Data warehousing, Storage Area Networks and Distributed Databases. The department also interacts with the industries on a regular basis to develop the capabilities in latest technologies.

Academic Strength

The Information Technology course basically concentrates on all the important subjects dealt in computer science and engineering. Syllabus for computer Science and engineering and Information Technology for the First five semesters are almost same. It deals a bit more in management and applications unlike Computer Science and engineering. The important subjects that are in the syllabus are:

  • Hardware: Electronics circuits, Logic Design, Microprocessors, Computer Organization, Analog and Digital Electronics lab, Microprocessors Lab, and (Digital Signal Processing / VLSI Design)

  • Application Software: DBMS, File Structure, Advanced Data Structures using C++, Data Compression Techniques, Computer Graphics, Internet and Intranets, Web Commerce, Data warehousing.

  • System Software: Introduction to Unix, System Simulation, Linux Internals, Compiler Design, Distributed Computing, Unix systems Programming.

  • Software Engineering: Software Practice and Testing, Software Engineering, advanced Software Engineering, Object Oriented Systems Development, Distributed Objects.

  • Programming Languages: C, OOP with C++, Java, CGI, and PERL, Principles of Programming Languages.

  • Computer Networks and Communication: Data Communication, Computer Networks, Cryptography and Network Security, Client Server Computing, Distributed Computing.

  • Algorithmic: Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Advanced Algorithms, Genetic Algorithms, Numerical Algorithms.

  • AI and Soft Computing Tools: Neural Networks, Decision Support Systems and Expert Systems, AI, Pattern Recognition, Robotics, Fuzzy Logic.

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