Student Development Program organised by Humanities Dept.

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The Humanities Department of BBDNITM undertook and successfully organised the STUDENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM for the students of BBDNITM. The main purpose of the program was to enhance students Perception and Cognitive Thinking Abilities.

Events & activities are planned & organized by the students themselves, which provides them an opportunity to learn ideation, planning & execution, team & resource management, time management etc. and helps them to develop life skills. Student Development Programme Consists of following activities.

1. Teach collaboration as a value and skill set.
2. Build on evaluation and analysis.
3. Teach tolerance and resilience.
4. Help students learn through their strengths.
5. Use learning beyond the classroom.
Student Development Theory is a composition of psychological findings that are centered around or are applicable to college students. Student Development Theory is important in Higher Education because it allows Student Affairs practitioners to more fully understand the changes many college students are going through.

Entries were open for the students of 1ST and 2nd Year of BBDNITM. The session was conducted on ZOOM (Video Conferencing Platform).
It was a 3 day Program which consisted of 6 sessions .1st session was for a particular group total,in total 6 groups were formed by their respective GCs.
The sessions were held under the guidance of
Yashdeep Bajpai(Final Year, GS Karmavesh).

Process that was followed:
Step 1- Creation of an advertising poster for the popularity of the program.
Step 2- Creation of a Google form for the inviting of the details of students.
Step 3- Creation of a group for all the participants to provide necessary I information related to the sessions.
Step 4- . Creation of another Google form for the feedback and quiz of the Students .
Step 5- E-Certificate distribution was done as per the attendance.

The program was conducted as per the instructions of Humanities Department of BBDNITM.

Time duration :1hr.
Students were allowed to clear their doubts if any.

Mr Yashdeep Bajpai smoothly conducted the whole session and elaborated everyone about Perception and Cognitive Thinking Abilities. Participants were also provided with the pdf with some facts.
The program ensured engaging of students in healthy sessions, keeping them interested and putting their creative minds to work during this time of the lockdown due to coronavirus.
Some reviews from students were:

“It was the best program in terms of observing our mind, aiming it to a particular path, choose what is right and wrong. Thanks to the management for providing us meaningful presentation.”

“Thank you so much for giving us your valuable time and teaching us.”

“It’s way of representing the knowledge and idea is fabulous.”

“I want to say that this very nice and it’s idealogy, knowledge and way of representing it is great.”

“The session was quite knowledgeable. A Great initiative was taken by our faculty and senior.”

“Outstanding lecture.”

“Got proper knowledge of how people can perceive anything in many ways.”

“I found this program quite enriching and just wish that such programs should be held often.”

“Nice initiative, very well executed, helpful for the students development, interactive session.”

“It was an enlightening session.Perception and cognitive thinking is an important aspect of which we should be aware about and we were fortunate that we have got this opportunity to attend this session.”

“The class was well organised and excellent class.”

“This was really enlightening and helpful! ✨”

“It was the best program in terms of observing our mind, aiming it to a particular path, choose what is right and wrong. Thanks to the management for providing us meaningful presentation.”

“It was really a great session. There’s a lot to learn about this topic. I’ll try to watch those movies/anime that showed in the list during meeting. Thank you!”

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